What We Do

Gold Jobs Ltd. has been founded by a team of professionals with years of experience and deep insight into the fast-paced financial services’ sector, sharing a single goal in mind – to provide expert training and education to pro-active individuals, wishing to embark on a new professional journey.
We are proud to bring our business expertise and offer tailored training courses to anyone willing to learn and develop in a number of dynamic and growing industries. Our unique operating model brings the best for both our individual clients, looking for new career prospects, and corporate partners in need of motivated, resulted-orientated employees.

The dedicated training programs we offer help create highly-qualified and motivated sales agents, while our vast network of partners ensures successful individuals thrive after our courses. At the same time, the companies we partner with only benefit from the specific business qualities and techniques we develop in our course graduates, as progress is in everyone’s interest.

Our partners vary from Forex companies and Binary Options companies to the food & beverage industry. We work hand and hand with our individual partners to ensure company growth and optimized productivity.
Gold Jobs Ltd is recruitment agency licensed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, Republic of Bulgaria. Service License Number: 2186 / 27.12.2016.